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ICAP Exemption policy

If you have qualification and want to get registered with ICAP Pakistan, then you might get exemptions on the basis of academic qualifications. Look deep into the ICAP Exemption policy.

PCSC-1 Course at ICAP

Presentation and Communication Skills Course-1 (PCSC-1) shall be attended at CAF stage before commencement of training. Here

ICAP past papers

ICAP Past examination papers are made accessible so you can see and get comfortable with the styles of question that you may look in your ICAP exams.

AFC student could get all relevant notes and study resources, and may get surely succeeded with our study resources of ICAP Pakistan.

CA Fee structure

This article is covering up all the questions that how much it be cost to become a chartered accountant in Pakistan. Lets look the ICAP fee structure and Estimated fee for ca colleges.

CA comprises of four stage each stage consist of different subjects. This document contains complete list of all subjects in CA Pakistan that is a study plan offered by ICAP Pakistan.

A complete List of All Chartered Accountants Firms in Pakistan. Geographical List Of CA Firm’s with Contact and addresses ,

CA Pakistan Admission and eligibility criteria and education scheme for newly registering students

All relevant CA study Notes and resources for Introduction to Accounting, this is a first subject of Certificate of accounting and finance.